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There is probably nothing worse than being in the middle of a winter storm and the power going out. Your whole house depends on a steady flow of electricity to provide heat, light, and refrigeration to keep your food fresh. Once it goes out, everything comes to a crashing halt which is not going to be good for anyone in the house. If on the other hand you had a portable generator, you would be able to keep the heat running and the food in your refrigerator fresh until the main power is back on. This is one of the most common uses for a portable generator; however it is not the only one. If you look around almost any construction site you will find at least one if not more portable generators. The construction workers use them to run their tools and equipment. If you look closely enough you are likely to find that they also have a radio and even a refrigerator hooked up to keep their lunches and drinks cold.

You can use a portable generator for more than a back up source for your home. It can be used to power your own range of power tools when you have to work outside of the range of an extension cord. Trying to run many of today's power tools on an extension cord poses an extreme safety hazard as they can pull too many amps and cause overheating which can lead to the risk of fire. Using a generator allows you to bring the source of your power directly to where you need it. Many modern campers like to take a little luxury with them when they go camping, you will see that many of the pop up campers on the market today have air conditioning and a refrigerator built into them. This is the perfect application for a portable generator as they can be small enough to fit in the back of a van or SUV, yet big enough to power everything you need to make your camping trip as comfortable as possible.

You will find a portable generator that runs on any currently available fuel such as gasoline, diesel and propane so that you can use them in virtually any environment. You may find that those that are designed to run on propane are the best choice for backup generators as propane, unlike gasoline does not deteriorate over long periods of time. This means that you could store a cylinder of fuel with your backup generator and feel comfortable that you will have a running generator when you really need it. If you are interested in buying a portable generator for use it home, on the jobsite or when you go camping, you will find one to fit your needs at Amazing Machinery. They take great pride in offering top quality equipment at the lowest possible prices. All generators will be shipped directly to you at no charge as long as you live in the continental 48 states.




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