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Do test the pressure washer on a small section of the object to be cleaned to make sure that the pressure is adjusted correctly, you are using the proper tip for the job, and the spray will not cause any damage to the object surface.

Do check your engine and pump oil levels before starting your machine. Read the owner manual for the proper oil types required by your pressure washer.

Do store your machine in a climate controlled, well ventilated area. If your storage place is unheated, please winterize your pressure washer to avoid freezing damage.

Do keep parts of your body and/or other people clear of any high pressure stream. Pressure washers are very powerful machines and need to be operated in a safe manner.

Do pay special attention to the distance the spray tip is away from the surface. If the tip is too close to the object you can cause damage to the surface.

Do wear the proper face, eye and protective safety gear for the job you are performing.

Do try pressure washing accessories, which make cleaning jobs go much smoother.

Do run fresh water through your chemical injector after every use.

Do engage the safety lock when not in use to prevent unintended pressure washer operation.


Don't leave the pressure washer running while unattended.

Don’t add fuel while the machine is running.

Don’t run your machine for longer than two minutes without pulling the trigger.

Don’t point the wand at people or animals. Even if the machine is turned off there may be pressure backed up in the hose.

Don’t pressure wash windows. You can break the glass or ruin the weather seals. In most cases you will even void the manufacturers warranty.

Don’t use bleach or acid based products with your chemical injector they will damage them beyond repair. You can also be sprayed be the chemical if something were to go wrong.

Don’t use hot water with your pressure washer unless you know your pump is rated for it.

Don't direct spray toward any part of your body or another person.

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