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Do you take pride in your city or home town? We all should. Using a pressure washer will not just clean your city, but give it a presence all its own. People tend to take notice of a clean park, playground, or pavilion, and visit more often. This is the idea though, if your residents are happy and have clean place to relax outside of their home, like a park, they will remain residents. As everyone working in local government knows growth can only happen if you can retain the residents you have.

A commercial hot water pressure washer can be used to clean playground equipment, city vehicles, municipal buildings, picnic tables, and sidewalks just to name a few. When used with the proper chemicals you will be able clean everything in exceptional time. Our cities are important to all of us and we want them to look good and Amazing Machinery can assist with all of your pressure washing needs.

Playgrounds are kid magnets, kids are dirt magnets, combine the two and you have a job for a pressure washer. If your playground has a semi soft recycled floor a gas powered pressure washer would work out great. Heat would not be recommended for this application. You can spend hours cleaning these type surfaces with a garden hose but add pressure and you’ll cut your time by 75%. The playground equipment itself will see much abuse, spilled drinks, ground in dirt, and just everyday kid stuff. Your pressure washer will put all the fun right back into your playground.

Picnic Tables
Picnic tables and benches need to be cleaned often. They see their fair share of food left behind to create health issues. With a pressure washer you can take out years of stains and mother natures wear and tear. That little girl who just stuck her gum under that park bench, the birds that leave their presence wherever they go, and of course just plain dirt, will plague your park tables and benches. Most people would much rather sit on a clean table or bench rather than the one that looks like a car that has been parked under a tree all night. Pressure washing just once or twice a season will keep your park looking great for years to come.

Pool Areas
If you have a park with an inground pool you know all about work; countless hours of vacuuming, adding chemicals, and skimming can wear you out. Now your pool deck is covered in mold, algae, and something you can’t identify from that pool party last week. Well don’t worry, with a quality commercial grade pressure washer you’ll spend no time cleaning it up, and can move on. This mold and algae not only can look bad, but poses a danger of a slippery surface. Bleach will remove mold the best, however never put any type of bleach or acid through your pressure washer. It is best to apply these types of chemicals with an external pump up garden sprayer.

Pressure Washing Tips Overview

  • 0° Spray Tip – RED - This tip is not recommended for wood applications, its
    stream of water is to narrow and concentrated. This tip would be ideal for concrete, and metal.
  • 15° Spray Tip – YELLOW - This tip is a heavy duty cleaning or stripping tip. You
    can use this tip for cleaning concrete, loose paint, and driveways.
  • 25° Spray Tip – GREEN - This tip is for general washing purposes. You will find yourself using this tip for your deck, siding, and your car.
  • 40° Spray Tip – WHITE - This tip has the least amount of impact. The white tip is great for rinsing, cleaning out your gutters, and other sensitive jobs.

NOTICE: Amazing Machinery and/or the author of any listed instructions on this website are in no way and/or can not be held responsible for any damage and/or injury to any person, pressure washer, or property being pressure washed by anyone attempting to perform the recommendations contained herein. Always read the product manual and use your pressure washer in a safe manner.

If you were not able to find the answer you were looking for in this section call Amazing Machinery at 1-800-504-7435 to speak with one of our experienced pressure washing staff members.

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